Section 1.01 The name of this organization shall be Twin City Mothers of Multiples. The official name of the club was changed on July 28, 1997 from Twin City Mothers of Twins Club to Twin City Mothers of Multiples.

Section 1.02 Written permission from the Executive Committee must be obtained in order to use the Twin City Mothers of Multiples name. This is in accordance with the Copyright Act of 1976, Public Law 94-553.

Section 1.03 Any member may be expelled for illegal use of the club name or for any infraction of club rules, or such other causes as may be determined by two-thirds (2/3) of the club membership present at a monthly meeting.

Section 1.04 Linda Hunt founded the Twin City Mothers of Twins Club in October 1973. The first official meeting of the club was October 15, 1973. There were 13 charter members present.

Section 1.05 The official name of the club was changed on July 28, 1997 from Twin City Mothers of Twins Club to Twin City Mothers of Multiples.


The purpose of this organization shall be:

Section 2.01 To promote friendship between mothers of multiples.

Section 2.02 To share and solve problems unique to mothers of multiples.

Section 2.03 To serve mothers of multiples through semi-annual clothing sales.

Section 2.04 To offer an outlet for pressure to new mothers of multiples through phone contact, meetings and social occasions.

Section 2.05 To aid and support mothers of multiples and their siblings.

Section 2.06 Funds created by dues will be used to: mail newsletters, purchase gifts for speakers, buy books for the club library, publish literature and helpful hints for members use, purchase any material necessary for use by for members, and maintain the website.

Section 2.07 The purpose for which the Twin City Mothers of Multiples is organized are exclusively religious, charitable, scientific, literary and educational.

Section 2.08 This organization shall be non-profit.


Section 3.01 Qualification:
Membership shall consist of natural parents, adoptive parents and legal guardians of twins and other multiples.

Section 3.02 Names of dues paying members shall be kept by the Secretary and by the Membership chairwoman.

Section 3.03 Fiscal Year:

(a) Fiscal Year of the club shall be from June 1 to May 31.

(b) Dues to the local chapter shall be $20.00 per annum payable by August 1. This includes dues to the National and State Organization. A completed membership form must be turned in by every member each year with their renewal. Any member paying dues after the August 1st deadline will be charged a $5.00 late processing fee.

(c) The treasurer’s books shall be audited annually, at the end of the fiscal year. The audit team shall consist of the in-coming and out-going Treasurers and the in coming and out-going Presidents. If the Treasurer and President remain the same, the most recent active Past-Treasurer and Past-President shall serve on the audit team. The audit team shall compile and present an end of year report to the general membership.

Section 3.04 Dues are prorated for new members. For new members, dues paid from December through May will be half (1/2) of the regular dues.

Section 3.05 After 5 years of continuous membership, said member will be granted a $5.00 discount off of their 6th year membership. After 10 years of continuous membership, said member will be granted a $10.00 discount off of their 11th year membership. After 15 years of continuous membership, a lifetime membership will be awarded (beginning 16thyr). They will then become exempt for payment of annual dues. Lifetime members must still submit membership form each year. Any member including lifetime members who do not turn in annual membership form and dues will be unfriended from our closed facebook page until membership person receives your information. No exceptions
Section 3.06 No member can financially benefit from club membership information. No member can distribute the membership list to a non-member for purposes of solicitation or profitable benefit.


Section 4.01 There shall be one monthly meeting of the membership, except December, to be held the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Georgia Taylor Recreation Center, on W. Clemmonsville Rd, Winston-Salem, NC. In the event Memorial Day falls on the fourth Monday of May, said meeting will be held on the third Monday.

Section 4.02 The Secretary will take attendance at each meeting.

Section 4.03 The February meeting will contain the nomination of officers for the coming year, with March and August designated as official clothing sale meetings. April shall be annual election of officers. May shall be the annual mothers dinner out with the formal recession of the past officers and induction of new officers.

(a) At the May dinner meeting, the past President shall present optional gifts to her fellow retiring officers.

(b) The past President shall receive an optional gift from her fellow retiring officers to be presented by the Vice President.

Section 4.04 A quorum at a meeting shall consist of a majority of the members present.

Section 4.05 Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary guide when not in conflict with the by-laws of this organization.

Section 4.06 Optional refreshments shall be served at each meeting.

Section 4.07 In the event of inclement weather, and if the Winston-Salem Forsyth County school system is closed, said meeting shall be cancelled. Please check local channels for confirmation.


Section 5.01 The officers of the club shall be a President, Vice President, Second Vice President(s), Secretary, Treasurer and National/State Representative.

Section 5.02 A majority of the votes cast by the club membership present at the election meeting shall be necessary for a candidate to be elected. In the case more than one person is nominated for an office, the balloting shall be secret. Whenever one person is nominated for each office, a show of hands shall be sufficient at the election meeting. Vote by proxy must be received one (1) week before the scheduled meeting, and must be mailed to the club address. Proxy votes will remain sealed until the meeting.

Section 5.03 Duties of the officers:

(a) PRESIDENT – The President shall be the presiding officer for all meetings of the membership and the Executive Committee. She shall be expected to attend, if possible, all the meetings and functions of the club. She is the ex-officio member of all the standing committees. She has the authority to sign any checks of the club. She is the official representative of the club, and will act as motivator, facilitator and mediator.

(b) VICE PRESIDENT – The Vice President is expected to attend, if possible, all the meetings and functions of the club. In the absence of, or in the event of the disability of the President, the First Vice President shall perform all the duties of the President, and when so doing, shall have the power of, and be subject to, all the restrictions of the President. She shall assist the President in any way she can in running the club.

(c) SECRETARY – The Secretary is expected to attend, if possible, all the meetings and functions of the club. She shall keep a book of minutes of all meetings of the membership with the time, date, place and proceedings thereof. She shall also keep a list of all members in attendance at each meeting. She is responsible for any general club correspondence including thank you notes to speakers. This includes keeping and ordering club brochures, business cards, stationary and nametags. She shall also be responsible for providing and circulating the sign-up sheet for refreshments.

(d) TREASURER – The Treasurer is expected to attend, if possible, all the meetings and functions of the club. She shall collect and deposit all monies, keep a record of dues, and transact all other financial business of the club. The Treasurer is to serve a minimum of two (2) years in her position. The Treasurer shall have the power to sign all club checks along with the President. The Treasurer shall be in charge of the financial arrangements concerning the semi-annual clothing sales and other money activities. She shall help prepare an annual budget to be presented at the organizational meeting and shall notify the President of any excess expenditure during the year.

(e) STATE REPRESENTATIVE – The State Representative is expected to attend, if possible, all the meetings and functions of the club. She shall serve a two-year term and shall be in charge of arranging for membership in the National Organization for the Mothers of Multiples, for subscription to the National Notebook, and for any other National business that shall be of interest to the membership. Any funds needed by the National Representative shall be accorded to her from the Treasurer with the approval of the President. The National Representative shall also offer for sale to the membership any items from the National Organization.

Section 5.04 Nominees for offices shall be active members in this club prior to nomination. (Having attended 60% of the meetings for the previous year.) Failure to attend required meetings or to fulfill duties of any office, elected or appointed, may be cause for replacement.

Section 5.05 Post term Responsibilities:
All members who have served and left office in good standing shall make themselves available to answer questions or offer advice when asked for this assistance by the newly elected, in-coming officers.

Section 5.06 An officer may serve no more than 4 consecutive terms in the same office, provided the officer, is in good standing with the club, and has performed her duties responsibly. If she hasn’t than she will be asked to resign her position during her term.

Section 5.07 The current President shall have the option to request the Past President to remain on the Executive Committee as an advisor for an additional year. The advisor shall be responsible for paying her annual dues.


Section 6.01 Executive Committee – The Executive Board’s voting members shall consist of the elected officers of the club. The immediate Past-President shall serve in an advisory capacity without voting privileges. Shall set forth agenda for meetings.

(a) In the event the immediate Past-President is unable to serve, a replacement from the previous Board of Officers would take her place, going down the chain of command.

(b) Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held upon the request of the President.

(c) Action taken by a majority of the officers without a meeting is nevertheless Executive Committee action provided that all officers have been made aware of the issue and any decisions made.

Section 6.02 Standing Committees – There shall be the following Standing Committees:

(a) CLOTHING SALE – This committee shall be responsible for obtaining a location for club sponsored semi-annual clothing sales. This committee is also responsible for obtaining any equipment necessary; coordinating a meeting of all selling members and guests; reviewing, refining and enforcing rules; setting up for the sale; coordinating cashiers, helpers and clean-up; distributing any abandoned sale items; and finally tallying of sales. This committee shall provide the Website Editor with the dates and location, a list of current rules, price tags, and promotional posters to be printed in the website and newsletter the month preceding the sale. Finally, this committee shall place advertising in various papers, publications, and radio stations, place promotional posters in prominent locations around town.

(b) HISTORIAN – This person shall take pictures of events and activities of club and submit to website.

(c) LIBRARY – This person shall be responsible for publications owned by the club, and submit any useful weblinks and freebies to the web page administrator.

(d) MEMBERSHIP – This committee shall keep a record of all members. The record shall consist of each member’s name, husband’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, children’s names, birthdays of the mother and children, date they joined the club, and any special interest or hobbies. This committee shall be responsible for providing information about new members, address changes and birthday. She shall keep membership forms to give to new members and to be printed when needed. She shall receive all member checks and membership forms and forward checks to the Treasurer. This committee is also responsible for providing a list of officers and chairwomen names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses, and labels to the Officer for the State NCMOM’s and to the National Representative.

(e) WEBSITE– This committee shall be responsible for production and distribution of the club website.

(f) OUTREACH SUNSHINE – This committee shall be responsible for notifying members of illnesses, births, and deaths about the membership and their families. They shall send cards, flowers, or gifts from the club to the member (or family member) in accordance with the sunshine policy.

(g) WAYS AND MEANS – The executive committee shall research and present fund-raising activities to the club. These activities can be a holdover from a previous year or new ideas. They shall coordinate all chosen fund-raisers and shall be responsible for all items sold at meetings. This includes displaying and selling items, turning over proceeds to the Treasurer, storing items after each meeting, keeping an inventory, purchasing new items when necessary, researching new items to sell, and reporting on the best and worst selling items to the Executive Committee. The items shall also be on display at convention for sale, and the committee is responsible for securing and manning the table.

Section 6.03 Other committees – The President and Executive Committee, when necessary, may appoint a temporary chairwoman and create other committees and designate powers and duties thereof as may be deemed necessary.


Section 7.01 Amendments may be made to the by-laws by submitting them to the Executive Committee. An amendment must be passed by 2/3 of the club members present. All active members may attend any Executive Committee meeting, but will not have a vote.

Section 7.02 Any exceptional expenditure (non-budgeted items) by the club shall require the signature of the Treasurer on the check and the President’s initials.

Section 7.03 Any expenditure over $100.00 in support of our Mom’s shall be voted on by the club. The Executive Board has authority to spend (if budget allows) monies from $1.00 to $99.00 for support of our Moms.

Section 7.04 All other donations shall be in writing and presented to the Executive Committee for careful consideration.

Section 7.05 Club Sponsorship of a member, not to exceed $200 per year. TCMOM will sponsor up to 8 members per year for $25 per member for charitable events. Requests for sponsorship must be submitted in writing prior to the event.


Section 8.01 Any member selling clothing, toys, or equipment at the clothing and equipment sale will donate 10% of her profits to the club treasury and work a two (2) hour block of time. Any non-member may participate and will donate 25% of profits to the club treasury and work a two (2) hour block of time or pay a fine.

Section 8.02 Officers and committee chairwomen shall submit a verbal progress report at each meeting. If an officer or chairwoman is unable to attend a regular meeting she is responsible for contacting another member to present her report.

Section 8.03 These by-laws shall be revised and updated annually to include all amendments accepted during the preceding club year.

Section 8.04 A committee of at least three (3) members should review these by-laws at three (3) year intervals to ensure that all approved amendments have been included in the annual revisions.


Section 9.01 Sunshine Policy:
Flowers of Gifts:
$50.00 – Any club member or spouse in the hospital
$50.00 – Any club member’s child in the hospital
$50.00 – Any club member having extended outpatient recovery beyond one week.
Death in the immediate family is left to the discretion of the Executive Committee
Cards-All other reasons.

Section 9.02 Scholarship
A chance to win a $125.00 scholarship to the State Convention is available to any member in good standing. For each point earned, your name is put in the pot one time. Points may be earned by attending meetings (1 point per meeting with a bonus point to everyone for December); holding an office in the club (1 point); chairing a committee or club party (1 point); and being a long time member (1 extra point for each 5 years of membership). The scholarship winner will be drawn at prior to convention meeting. A back-up name will be drawn in case the winner is unable to attend. The calculating of the points will be figured from October through September. The Secretary will keep this information.

Section 9.03 Logo
The new TCMOMs logo was approved on July 23rd, 2001. The logo should be used on all printed material. It is not to be redesigned, colored or skewed in any way without prior approval of the officers. Electronic various/sizes can be provided upon request. The logo may be resized to fit the space needs of the material. The Website/Newsletter Editor is in charge of the logo.

TCMOMs Example Logo