Clothing Sale FAQ

This FAQ is for Pregnant Moms of Multiples planning to attend the clothing sale on Friday night to shop.

1) What time would you suggest we arrive?
We normally begin setting up at 6:00pm. I would suggest getting there by 7:15pm and we will start shopping around 7:30pm. Bring a large bag or a basket to put your items in while you shop.

2) How do I get there?
I always tell people to come in on Silas Creek Parkway North. After you pass Kirklees Drive (on the left), Parkway Presbyterian Church is on the left also. If you go too far, you can turn left onto Yorkshire Road at the light and turn into the parking lot from there.

3) I noticed it stated that pregnant mothers are allowed to bring one helper. Could that be my husband?
Yes, your husband is allowed as a helper.

4) How do you as a club know that the pregnant mothers are having multiples? Do we need to bring some sort of proof or something?
No, you don’t need proof – we do it on the honor system.

5) What do we need to do when we arrive? Do we need to register or seek a certain person out?
When you arrive you will see a table where people are registering… you will check-in there (probably with Heather Vestal) and get name tags for you and your husband.

6) Do you have any helpful hints as to how to best proceed during this sale?
We have all the items sorted by type and clothing by size/gender (and we have a “matching” rack.)

You probably want to start with the equipment – since those items go quickly. There will be a tag person for the large items (all furniture and equipment & toys). Once you are allowed to shop – you or your helper tells the tag person which items you want your name put on as sold. You don’t have to remove the large items until you are done and ready to check-out.

The other items you will need to carry with you. I suggest you bring a bucket or bag (on wheels if you have it).

You will be shocked at how much stuff we have – anything you can think of and usually at GREAT prices.