Clothing Sale Rules

The rules and regulations for the TCMOM’s Clothing Sale are set forth to provide guidelines for effectively and fairly offering a service to the TCMOM members and the community. Please review them carefully and feel free to contact one of the sale coordinators with any questions. Thanks!

1st Time Sellers must be registered and attend a Mandatory 1st Time Seller meeting the month prior to the sale. (Spring – meeting on 4th Monday in February & Fall – meeting 4th Monday in August).

Selling members and previous selling guests registration deadline and dues PAID IN FULL by Spring – March 1st/Fall – September 1st. No Exceptions!

When, What and Where

1. Spring/Summer Sale will typically be held on 2nd or 3rd Saturday in March and  September at PARKWAY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH off Silas Creek Parkway, (turn left onto Kirklees Road and into the parking lot (best place to park if you are bringing in items to sell) OR you can go to the (next) light at Yorkshire Road and turn left into the parking lot. Don’t forget to bring a basket to shop with! The sale is open to members and selling guests on Friday night and to the public on Saturday from 7am till 3:00pm. (Saturday hours changed/extended as of Fall 2014)

2. You may bring your items on Friday starting at 6:30 pm. All items should be sorted by size, tagged and ready to go before you arrive. Members/Sellers/Pregnant Mommies of multiples please register upon arrival and get a name tag. (You will not be permitted to shop/check-out if you don’t have a name tag!) You must leave the shopping area immediately after putting your items out on the racks and tables. No shopping will be allowed at this time. All items must be out by 7:15 pm. Doors open at 7:25 for pregnant mommies and at 7:30 for all other shoppers. Registers will open at 8:15 pm.

3.  Due to safety reasons, children will not be allowed on the premises Friday night or on Saturday after the sale ends.  Children can not help bring in items on Friday night.  Nor can they assist with putting items into seller’s bins after the end of the sale.  They will not be allowed inside the building Friday night or Saturday after 3pm.

4. NEW FOR Fall 2014 – Registration Fee
There will be a registration fee for all sellers based on your gross sales. This fee will be taken out after the sale when tags are tallied. Fee of $5 for sellers with sales of $50 or less and $10 for sellers with sales of more than $50. This registration fee will help us supplement the cost of purchasing new clothing racks since we have had a lot of racks broken or damaged.

5. Please pay by check (made payable to TCMOM’s) if at all possible. It makes it easier and faster; but we will accept cash. There will be a $20 returned check fee for members as well as the public.

6. Your clothing should be picked up by 3:45 pm on Saturday. If it is not picked up, it will be donated to a worthy charity.

7. Each member and selling guest must verify their address at check-in.  TCMOM’s bank will issue your check and mail it to the address provided.

Clothing and Equipment

8. We plan to hang all clothes 0-Maternity. All other clothing should be on hangers. Sizes range from 0-20. (Children’s, Juniors and Maternity)

9. You may sell large and small toys, books, games, etc. ***Please limit to amount of stuffed animals that you bring, these tend to not sell very well.*** If you have toys with lots of pieces, secure them in a zip-loc bag to keep them together and attach your price tag to the toy by taping the string only. Do not put your price tags inside the zip-loc bags!!! This makes it tremendously hard at the check outs and slows things down! The fine for excessive taping is $20.

10. You may also sell equipment. If the item has multiple pieces, please tape them together and/or label each piece. (1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc.) Attach your price tag with a safety pin or by taping the string only.

Selling Guests

11. Each member may bring selling guests for the clothing sale. Make sure you know them well and give them a copy of the rules. This creates revenue for our club, so please let your friends take advantage of this opportunity.

12. Selling Guests must attend the Clothing Sale Meeting and pre-register. All sellers must pre-register by deadline, which is one week prior to sale. Please call/email Heather Vestal to register yourself and your guest at 336-624-2742 or email at Please let Heather know what size and sex clothes you will be selling as well as your 1st and 2nd choice of shifts to work.

13. Selling guests must have at least 25 items to sell. They will receive 75% of their sales and are required to work a block of time on Saturday. They will be docked $20 if a block is not worked.


14. Each selling member will receive 90% of their sales and are required to work a 2-hour block of time. They will be docked $20 if a block is not worked.

15. Each member must be paid in full with the Membership Chairperson by registration deadline, one week prior to the sale. No dues will be accepted after the registration deadline. Members who have not paid will not be able to participate.

16. The mandatory meeting for 1st time sellers will be the monthly meeting on prior to the sale. If 1st time sellers do not attend the mandatory meeting, they cannot sell.

17. You must pre-register (registration deadline is one week prior to sale) to be able to sell. Please call/email Heather Vestal 336-624-2742 ( This is essential in keeping everything organized. If you do not register by the deadline, member will have 2 choices: not sell or sell as a selling guest (25% goes to the Club).

General Information

18. Courtesy please! Pregnant moms will be brought to the front on Friday night. They may have one helper with them. Only pregnant moms may bring a helper. ***Members may not bring helpers to shop on Friday night.***

DEFINITION: An accumulation of clothing and equipment to amass and put away before time is called. Everyone is entitled to shop. Don’t clean off the table and take what you want then put the rest back. Take only what you want the first time. If you do stock pile, you will be fined $20 and asked to leave. You may bring a basket to shop.

20. Seasonal Clothing Only! We are a large sale and we do not have room for out of season clothes. Leave them at home! You will be fined $20 for out of season clothes. If you need a definition of out of season, please call for clarification.

21. All clothing must be in good selling condition. No stains, missing buttons, broken zippers or missing pieces toys/games. If you do have a piece from a toy or game missing please note it explicitly on the price tag. DO not bring anything you would not buy. Any item in poor condition will be removed and put in a basket or box. Do not ruin our reputation by bringing unfit items. The quality of the items we sell affects the quality of the reputation of our sale and the quantity of people who come to shop! The fine for stained and ripped clothing is $20.

22. All articles of clothing are to have a sale tag secured with a safety pin only! No straight pins, no staples! If an item of clothing has more than one piece, be sure all pieces are securely attached with a safety pin. Stray items don’t sell!

23. This sale we will be using string tags ONLY! You may pick them up at the Clothing Sale meeting or contact one of the sale coordinators. Each bundle of tags is 100 tags and are $1. You must use TCMOM distributed tags or larger. No other tags allowed. You will be fined $20 for using any tags smaller than the TCMOM distributed tags. It only takes a few moments to switch tags around. Make sure your selling number is on one side of the tag, and the price and size are printed clearly on the other side of the tag. Hang the new tags in the same places you put the previous tags. You can loop the string through button holes or belt loops. DO NOT TAPE THE TAG. TAPE THE STRING if you are taping it to an item. All prices must be in 50 cent increments. If they are not, consider the item donated. If you decide to change a price, change the entire tag, do not mark through a price and write a new one. Mark throughs make it difficult in tallying at the end of the sale and we need to know you are getting what you asked for when the item is bought. Marking through will cost you $20. The fine for incorrect price increments is $20.

24. For safety reasons, no children are allowed on Friday and Saturday if you are working a shift. Do not bring them on the premises. It is unfair for those members who must find a sitter to be able to work their block of time. If you do not have a sitter, stay home and pay your $20, your children are worth it! For everyone selling, you will be fined $20 per child if you bring them with you. This is for their safety!

25. In the interest of time and organization, please have your items tagged, priced and sorted by sizes before you arrive. If we see that you are sorting and tagging while you are putting out your clothes, you will be asked to save them until the next time when you have ample time to prepare them. Our time is short on Friday and we need to make the most of it by being prepared ahead of time.

26. Please make copies of the flyer and put them up in grocery stores, daycares, churches, etc. This is our best source of advertisement.

27. Duplicating copyrighted material is against the law and the Club can be held liable for merchandise that has violated copyright laws. Please do not sell duplicated movies, software, books, etc. If we find these items for sale, we will discard them. This is to protect our club.

28. All sellers must leave a tote/basket with seller # on it for sorting after the sale. If you donated all leftover items, you don’t need a tote. Please let us know at check-in.

29. We all change our mind. If you decide at the last minute that an item is not what you want, please return it to the proper place so the owner can have a chance at selling it. Items that are hung on the wrong rack or placed on the wrong table are not likely to find their way into a buyer’s hand.

30. Only assigned sale workers will be marking sold items (Example: Large Equipment). NO OUTSIDE LABELS ALLOWED!

The above constitutes the rules and regulations for the Twin City Mothers of Multiples Clothing Sale. The TCMOM’s is not responsible for any articles that are lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced in any manner; therefore, no form of reimbursement will be given should this occur. This sale is for our benefit to rid ourselves of outgrown clothes and equipment and buy new for our children. We ask each person selling to stay on Friday evening to see that your merchandise is tagged and ready to sell the next day. If everyone pitches in to help, the burden is not left on a handful of people, or worse one person to do. Any discussion of these rules may be submitted in writing to us for discussion with the officers of the club. The officers and coordinators have met and discussed these rules at length and have revised them as we see fit for the benefit of the club. I encourage you to cheerfully abide by the rules to make our sale a lot easier. Thank you in advance for your compliance!

Thank you,

Heather Vestal, Jennifer Kurtzman & Show-Jon Hsieh

Clothing Sale Coordinators